CO2 Recovery (Ryan Holmes)

Originally developed in the 1970’s, Ryan-Holmes is a Chart licensed process for the recovery of CO2 from natural gas streams. Because it is particularly suited to gas streams containing high concentrations of CO2 (▸50%) present day processing techniques and environmental concerns point towards  a rebirth for this low pressure distillative approach.


  • Enhanced Oilfield Recovery (EOR) – CO2 injected into an oil field for enhanced recovery can contaminate the resultant sales gas by up to 90% and has to be recovered. Ryan Holmes provides a way to both remove the CO2 and make it available for re-use thereby eliminating the environmental impact and reducing the requirement to purchase additional CO2.
  • Naturally occurring high CO2 content gas fields.
  • Natural Gas Liquids recovery – where secondary markets exist Ryan Holmes allows for an additional process step to remove the higher value natural gas liquids from the methane.
  • Potential for use in carbon capture and CO2 sequestration applications.


  • Results in pipeline ready or LNG quality gas.
  • Suitable for a wide range of operating conditions – a wide range of differing gas flows and compositions will occur throughout the life-cycle of an EOR project.
  • Utilises conventional, stick built, carbon-steel distillative equipment.
  • Additional (NGL) Natural Gas Liquids recovery potential.
  • Requires no solvents or external chemicals.

Cost Effective Solution

  • Carbon-steel equipment can be manufactured in low cost economic zones.
  • Chart provides a comprehensive design package and receives a one-off license fee based upon the volume of CO2 recovered.